Valentines Day Gift Exchange & Cineplex Movie Night

On Tuesday February 10, HMC hosted the first event of the Winter Semester. Since Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, the ESL Club decided to celebrate early with other students in the program.

The idea of a Gift Exchange came from two students in the Advanced Level at Davis; Katherine and Natalia. Back in their home country of Colombia, Valentine’s Day is actually celebrated in September, and unlike here in North America – where it is normally reserved for couples –  the day is spent with family and friends.

In Colombia, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with friends and family. We play a game where each person draws a name out of a hat, and you have to buy that person a small gift, and give it to them on Valentine’s Day. On the day of exchange, the person giving the gift will describe their “secret” person, like “she is tall, funny, has glasses”, before they reveal who it is. And then we have a big, BIG party after!!

The students had a great time exchanging gifts, eating snacks, and meeting students from different campuses. Afterwards, they watched several movie trailers to decide which film to see at the Cineplex Theatres across the street. It was a close battle between SpongeBob and the Wedding Ringer, but ultimately the vote went to the latter. The students walked over to the theatres and received their tickets and popcorn (which was provided by the ESL Program), and enjoyed the rest of the night watching a movie with friends – both new and old.

Thank you to the Davis & HMC ESL Clubs for helping out and organizing this event! Hope everyone had a great time!

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