ESL Halloween Costume Party

“Knock, Knock!”
“Who’s there?”
“Philip Who?”
“Philip my bag with Halloween Candy!” 🙂

On Halloween Night (Friday Oct.31), the ESL Club hosted a Halloween Costume Party in the Davis Residence Conference Room. Many students participated, and dressed up in their scariest costumes while eating the abundance of snacks and pop provided by Professor Sacha.

Once students settled in, the Pumpkin Carving Contest began; cause after all, what’s Halloween without a good Jack-o-Lantern! Some students started drawing their intricate designs, others just started carving, and one student cut out the bottom of the pumpkin instead of the top. Once everyone finished, the judging was underway.

After a thorough examination of each jack-o-lantern, students put their votes into a hat, and determined the 2014 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Champions are: Ian Wang, Amber Fu, and Henry Li, and their “Rage Guy” inspired Jack-O-Lantern!!!

Winning Pumpkin

Winning Pumpkin

The night continued on with students putting face paint on each other and taking pictures, watching clips of scary movies, and hanging out with friends.

Thank you all for coming out, and dressing up! We hope you enjoyed the party!

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…next event: ROM-Toronto Trip!!


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