First Movie Night of the Fall Semester!

How to Train Your Dragon

First Movie Night, but certainly not the last!

This past Monday, (Oct.6) the Trafalgar ESL Club hosted their very first Movie Night of the Fall semester. ESL students from all campuses were invited to watch the award-winning animated film, How to Train Your Dragon. What students may not have known about the movie was that many Sheridan Alumni took part in its creation, which makes this film an impeccable choice.

“Movie Night was great! We had many students come out, and the movie was good. I got to meet new people, hang out with friends, and eat free food.” – Happy, Full Student

Many students came out to Movie Night, and enjoyed the film with snacks, hot chocolate, and tea. Afterwards, the students participated in a discussion group about their thoughts on the film, their favourite parts, and their overall enjoyment of the film.

Going forward, the club would like to see even more ESL students come out to Movie Nights, and the many other events they will be planning!

 And remember, these events are opened to ALL ESL students!

…next event: Halloween Costume Party!!


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